A shirt that doesn’t stain, wrinkle, or smell?

We can’t get over it, either. Our FreshCore™ technology is some seriously futuristic stuff.

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Imagine how much wine you can spill in 3.5 days of holiday celebrations

That’s how long the average LABFRESH wearer goes before tossing his apparel in the wash. *Mic drop.*

A fresher take on sustainability

When your clothes stay clean longer, it saves water, energy, and the frustration of having to stress-buy yet another white shirt on the go. Kinder on the planet, kinder on your wallet. Ka-ching! 

Buy less, wear more

The smartest, the suavest

Just like Elon Musk we make the most innovative and appealing products in our industry. Made in Europe and designed to last a lifetime.

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Don’t just take our word for it

At this moment, 50,000 LABFRESH customers in 98 countries are pulling off the impressive triple whammy of working hard, playing hard, and staying fresh.

What they say

Designed in Amsterdam. Made in Portugal and Switzerland. Worn just about everywhere.


Marriage in Bonaire

Had a marriage in Bonaire. Everybody was wet from the heat except me! 😂 Perfect shirt going 2 buy more.

Oscar S

Great service and great shirts

I ordered some shirts online recently and everything went really well. I have to return some because the size did not fit and it was so easy that I could not believe it. I was updated all the time by a real service employee who’s name was Simon and he checked and double check everything for me. I got the new shirts right back as I wanted. GREAT SERVICE…. And yes I love the shirts


Labfresh really improved my life a lot

One of the best clothing brands i've shopped at. Not only does Labfresh have a unique product, which can be useful to everyone, the quality of the service is second to none. It combines uniqueness and new ideas, with amazing service and fair price. Theres nothing more you need from a clothing brand. I 100% recommend Labfresh!


Best product in my life

Best product in my life! I’ve always had trouble with white t-shirts and shirts as I always have to throw them away after a couple of months as the smell is really bad.. Labfresh is perfect solving this problem with their shirts. Less ironing as well makes me very happy and there are a 1000 products I would like them to produce in the future as I probably would be the first one to buy it!

Labfresh just brought fashion life to a new level!


Great products

Great products, I really like the T-shirts and shirts, less washing, but also nice cut. In addition, excellent customer support


My new favourite brand

Great customer service and high quality products. I ordered one sweater to test the product but I will surely fill my whole wardrobe with Labfresh! :)


Great product with superb customer service

Super great customer service making sure to be quick to respond to enquirers and fast deliveries. The shirt I purchased fits incredibly comfortably while looking super professional making it my ‘go-to’ shirt for virtual meetings from home.


Huge fan

Labfresh has become my go-to for t shirts and shirts, and I pretty much insta-back their new product launches via Kickstarter. They've come a long way over the past few years, and their customer service is just remarkable - very fast, friendly and helpful. My favourite company in fashion.


Awesome shirts

Awesome shirts, fantastic service and for sure the place where I will be ordering all of my future shirts. They not only look great, but they fit perfectly. All thumbs up from me :-)


Top quality

I bought 3 shirts and 2 pants.The quality is amazing.I felt awesome after wearing them at work for about 10 hours.


The products are great

The products are great, best in my wardrobe!!! The customer service is the best in the world, every problem is solved in minutes :-)


No complaints

All of my shirts have been switched to Labfresh ones, they're just that good. The antibacterial properties make sure you don't stink, the shirts show no sweat, and the hydrophobic treatment is a nice add-on. The shirts themselves are of nice quality as well, no real complaints. The return service is also very easy to use.


Amazing clothes

Amazing clothes, fantastic quality, great fits and super fast delivery. I truly don't wear a lot else than my Labfresh gear these days. As good as it gets.


Always a great experience

Always a great experience dealing with Labfresh - and the products are amazing! 💪🏻