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"Sweat stains are a thing of the past. Even in a grey shirt."

"LABFRESH moisture-wicking technology makes sweat absorption a notch more efficient."

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"Red wine stains are a thing of the past"

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That's right.
No stains. No odour. All cotton.

The t-shirt that Elon Musk dreams of at night.

We use a unique combination of 3 of the most innovative textile technologies - something which has never been done before in a 100% premium cotton product. A LABFRESH t-shirt will keep you fresh & sexy from dusk till dawn.


Every guy hates awkward stains, we get that. The t-shirt repels liquids and semi-liquids, so even serious spills like red wine or coffee can easily be rinsed off with water.


The most convenient t-shirt ever made. We added a antibacterial finish to the jersey fabric which ​kills the odour-causing bacteria in your sweat, keeping you fresh for days. You won't have to wash that often, which is better for the shirt, the environment and your wallet.


Dress like the man you aspire to be. We’re 100% sure this man has no sweat stains, that’s why we added moisture wicking technology to our t-shirts. The inside absorbs and wicks away moisture, spreading the sweat across a larger surface and making it easy to evaporate through the fabric while the outside stays dry. The 100% cotton fabric is also breathable and fast-drying.