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100% cotton

Stain repellent

Odour repellent


Made in the EU

That's right.
No stains - No odour - No wrinkles

We didn't just raise the bar. We defined a new standard. Introducing the most advanced shirts in the history of mankind. 

Thanks to a unique combination of the world’s most innovative textile technologies, our shirts are stain, odour & sweat repellentwrinkle-free and engineered to last a lifetime. We don't compromise on comfort either: the fabric is made of 100% premium cotton, feels completely natural and is breathable just like any other cotton garment.

Our shirts are Made in Europe with OEKO-TEX certified factories and REACH certified fabrics, ensuring that the shirts are safe for you & the environment.


Everybody hates stains, so we made all of our shirts stain repellent. They repel all water-based liquids, so even serious spills like red wine or beetroot juice can easily be rinsed off with water.


So fresh and so clean - meet the shirt that makes men all over the globe smelling great. Our shirts kill odour-causing bacteria in your sweat and as a result, you and your shirt stay fresh for days.


You want your shirt to look crisp & clean, even when you pull it straight out of your suitcase. That’s why we made our business shirts wrinkle-free. Did someone say ‘perfect travel shirt’?