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Dress shirt
Wrong size collar

I am in general happy with my shirt, size medium, and the fit is good ai all other aspects. It is however impossible for me to button the top button, as the collar is way too tight. Not even relocating the button would help, as the two ends of the fabric will not reach each other around my neck.
I have had similar problems in other shirts, but never as severe as in this one.

Hi Thomas, Thank you for your feedback! :) I am very sorry to hear that the shirt is not exactly your fit. Currently we only have the more standard sizes but we are trying to improve every day. Therefore, your feedback is very helpful and in the future we will be able to offer more customized sizing. Warmly, Isabella
Casual Oxford shirt

No raally, this is the best shirt I have ever used.

Awesome Patrick, enjoy wearing!! :)
Casual Oxford shirt
Top shirt!

Zitten goed, mooie pasvorm en leuke details als lily stitched buttons. Super blij met het shirt!

Hi B.A., bedankt voor je review. Blij te lezen dat je zo tevreden bent. Geniet van het shirt!
Great service

Great shirt and great service - just ordered another 4 shirts, so other shirts can be removed from the wardrobe :)

Jacob, thank you so much for this nice review! 5 LABFRSH shirts, wauw! Enjoy wearing :)
Dress shirt

Great product!
Works really fine!

Thank you Lorenzo! :)

The shirt is perfect and I'm so satisfied I already ordered and got the second one.

Hi Uros, great to read you already ordered a second one. Enjoy wearing :)!
Casual Oxford shirt
Nice shirt Mr Atherton

I alternate my shirts - start the week with Blue - Tuesday White - Wednesday Blue and so on
eat out at night I wear my oxford. one week three shirts and two pairs of socks.
I don't smell I promise you.

Hi Andrew, thank you for your funny review. Great you have your wardrobe filled with LABFRESH. Enjoy wearing, and we believe you that you don't smell!
Casual Oxford shirt

Door mijn aandoening genaamd hyperhydrosis (overmatig zweten) schaam ik mij vaak voor de zweet plekken in mijn shirts. Gelukkig heb ik dankzij Labfresh nu dit mooie shirt dat de zweet plekken niet opneemt maar afstoot. Ik ben er echt super blij mee! 171 lang met een maatje S past perfect :)

Hi Ezra, wat is dit super fijn om te lezen. Blij dat we je met dit shirt comfortabel de deur uit kunnen laten gaan! Veel plezier met het dragen en bedankt voor het geven van je feedback. Hele fijne dag!
Casual Oxford shirt
Perfect Shirt

Shirt fits perfectly and the material is amazing! will definitely purchase more so my wardrobe is filled with these!

Hi Rob, thank you so much for your kind feedback :)
Holder hvad der loves

Jeg forventede en skjorte som var behagelig at have på, være lugtfri over flere dage og ikke vise synlige svedpletter på en varm sommerdag. Alt dette blev indfriet.

Hi Lasse, thank you for your feedback. Happy the casual shirt meets all your expectations. Have a great day :)
Dress shirt
prima overhemden

De overhemden voldoen uitstekend, zitten fijn en staan mooi!

Hi Anne, bedankt voor je enthousiaste review! Blij om te lezen dat je tevreden bent. Hele fijne dag gewenst :).
Dress shirt
Great piece of dressnology!

I'm so surprised on how effective is!

Hi Maximiliano, thanks a lot for your review! Happy that the shirt exceeds your expectations. Have a great day!
Casual Oxford shirt

I have in total bought 4 shirts and they're just amazing.
Just went on a 2 week vacation with just 1 shirt I had on most of the days without any problems!
197 cm tall in a XL. Good on shoulders, a bit wide on stomach

Wauw, great to read! Happy you enjoyed your holiday even better with LABFRESH! Have a great day and thank you for giving us your review on the shirts :).
Casual Oxford shirt
Great shirt

As a person who sweats a lot finally I can manage a day at the office without under arm stains, although they started to show up on a second day, but besides that shirt stays fresh!
I'm not a tall person, so sleeves might be little bit shorter for my posture.

Already ordered two more and cannot wait for delivery :)

I'm looking forward for a model for cufflinks ;)

Hi Kris, Thank you so much for your cool review, we're really happy to hear you're satisfied with your shirt. We'll take you feedback with us :). Enjoy your day! Warmly, Sophie
Perfect fit

Perfect fit

Great fit, but not stain repellent

The shirt look very nice, and fits very well and feels very comfortable.
However stain repellent is not completely true. Chocolate stains will remain. And while using the ironing in a hotel, some additional stains were added (picture of chocalate stain & ironing issue are added). Also this is not a easy iron shirt. It takes some time to get it back in shape.

Hi Bob, thank you for taking the time to write us a review. I am sorry you are not completely satisfied. We only guarantee that the shirt is repellent for liquid based stains. So the technology does not require it to repel chocolate stains or ironing stains. So far we got almost 100% of non-water based stains off with some stain remover and washing it on 40 degrees. Hope this helps for your shirt as well. Regarding the ironing: This is indeed not as easy as we want it to be. It is hard to find the combination of stain- and water repellency and iron free. But we are working on this, the next batch dress shirts is already more easy care.. So, please keep following us and we hope to provide you in a later stage with the good news that we have accomplished it to offer these advantages all in one! Have a great day!
Casual Oxford shirt
Great shirt

I’ve completed all colours of oxford shirts from Labfresh. It’s very minimalistic, stylish. I’ve complimented quite often.
I always hated smell myself after a shower in the gym when I wear the shirt again, but that’s not a case with this shirt. I wash this shirt if I sweat a lot, but it doesn’t really get stinky even after that. It’s best shirt for travel, daily wear. No logo is plus 1 point.

I hate them releasing new colours because of course I wanna buy them. hopefully darker colours will be out soon.
Wish they had made of more ticker material, then I can wear it with undershirt for winter. Well, all shirts they released are ideal for summer-spring.

Recommend to ‘my friends? Yes yes yes.

I really hope they will release more colours and some playful design shirts, but mostly I want them to stick with minimalistic design.

And their customer service is great. They reply a bit late but we can really trust them.
Their delivery is also quite quick even though I live in Ireland.

Hi Sam, thanks a lot for your extensive positive feedback. Happy we made life a bit more comfortable wearing our shirts! We are definitely going to release more colours and we take your recommendations with us :). Have a great day!
New Shitrs

Fits nice, fast delivery, want to order more shirts.

Hi Thomas, great feedback. Fantastic that you want to order more shirts with us :). Thank you!
An awesome and trustworthy travel companion which almost lives up to its full potential!

Visiting clients all over Europe and taking them for lunch and dinner on a regular basis is great in many ways but being a bit clumsy it often results in stains which is a pain at the time but nowhere near the pain of having to spend a lot of time trying to get my shirts clean again.
With a Labfresh shirt, on the other hand, the only pain of spilling a glass of wine all over my sleeve is that I'm out of wine until I get served again. It truly is perfectly repellant even after countless times being washed.

Also very good fit, really comfortable and really good looking.

Now you guys just need to start making proper shirts for us who like to dress well, meaning with French cuffs rather than those simple ones with the little plastic buttons — these shirts are just way too amazing to not have that as an option!

Hi Johan, thank you so much for your enthusiastic review. Really appreciated! We take your feedback with us regarding the French cuffs. Since we are still a young start-up we cannot double our collection yet and offer these extra options. Hopefully in the future we can. Have a great day and happy travellings! :)
Casual Oxford shirt
Poor fit

I used the size guidance but unfortunately the fit is poor. Sleeves are narrow and the second button too high. Nice feel to the fabric though.

Hi Greg, thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry to hear the size guide didn't guide you to the right size. We're still trying to find the perfect fit for most customer, as it depends from person to person. Please don't hesitate to contact us in the future, we're happy to help! Enjoy your day :)
Casual Oxford shirt
ultimative test

Har været på hike i sydengland i godt 3 uger ... Det var ekstremt varmt og sky frit ... meget kuperet .. havde den samme skjorte på hver dag i 7..9 timer .. beskyttede godt mod solen og rygsække som den havde direkte kontakt med ... blev aldrig smudsig .. lidt efter 14 dage ... afviste min sved så skjorten blev aldrig våd .. lidt på brystet efter 14 dage ... viste kraven til nogle englængere ... de var imponeret over at der ikke var skyggen af sorte rande i kraven..

Wow Palle, really happy you're sharing your experience with us. This is exactly the quality we want to achieve. Thank you very much :)

The Technology REALLY works! Its great. I am super super happy!!!
The only thing is with the size... I measured my favorite Shirt and compared... It said M but the "Labfresh M" is too wide for me.

Thank you for your amazing feedback Andreas! I'm sorry the size wasn't like you expected. We're always hear to help a next time!
Casual Oxford shirt

Bought the Oxford shirt for my boyfriend as a surprise and it's the only shirt he wants to wear ever since! So amazing that it looks and feels like cotton, but is combined with this great technique which keeps you fresh and stainfree. He recently bought his second shirt, but I'm guessing it will not be his last. Thanks Labfresh and keep up the great work!

Wow Danique, thank you for sharing this story, it really motivates us! :)
I'll definitely buy more

I love the shirt. Waiting for new models

Thanks Ákos, keep following us! :)
Dress shirt
Good value for money

I'm very happy all the shirts I ordered. (All together I have six shirts now, and most probably, this is not the end...) Thanks for your invention.

Thank you very much Imre, really exciting to hear :)!