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Perfect Shirt

exactly the type of shirt I was looking for, perfect fit, comfortable and wearable

Thank you so much Shaun for your feedback, we're happy to hear you like wearing your new shirt!
good stuff

The shirt is very good and correspond to the description. I will buy more later . The size has to be 1 size larger compared to "normal" shirt if you are not very well trimmed and slim.

Thank you for your feedback Henri! We just launched Oxford shirts in regular fit, which is suitable if you enjoy a more relaxed fit. Perhaps try the same size in regular fit next time :) I hope you enjoy wearing it!
dad likes it

besides all the technological innovations, my dad immediately felt the stretch in the fabric. that was a first timer for him, and a very positive experience

We're very happy to hear that your father likes the shirt! The comfort factor is very important to us so thank you for your feedback
Love it.


Thank you for your feedback!

I was expecting that the shirt would be less susceptible to ironing after a days use. But that was not the fact

Otherwise good shirt

Thank you for the feedback Stefan. Indeed our shirts are not non-iron, but this is an aspect we are trying to improve in the near future. In our care guide and FAQ we have some tips on how to iron the shirt the easy way: it's best to iron immediately after wash, while wet, since the shirt dries really fast, so the wrinkles can set in, which makes it harder to remove them. Hope this helps!
Again, very satisfied

I like the shirt and the quality a lot.
Maybe even better then expected...

That's great to hear Peter, thank you :)
A good hydrophobic shirt

A good hydrophobic shirt, is the best describtion. Liquids doesn't colorize the shirt, not wine nor pasta sauce. Doing a lot of desk-work, the sleve does get dirty thou and this dirt did not come of in the first wash (haven't try anything else). However, the shirt I'm thinking of is white, and white is a easy color to ruin.
The shirt are a not as easy to iron as I thought since I haven't been able to iron it total flat/fold-free.

Other than this, the shirt is nice and lovely strechy, with a very good shape and quality. But I have a slight feeling of the shirt not living up to my expectations - Maybe I have been a little too exited :)

Hi Henrik, thank you for your feedback! It is true that the shirt only repels stains as long as the stain stay on the surface of the fabric. Once it's rubbed in, it does get stained. It should however come out in the wash, we recommend using a stain remover in these cases, it doesn't affect the technology. In our care guide and FAQ we have some tips on how to iron the shirt the easy way: it's best to iron immediately after wash, while wet, since the shirt dries really fast, so the wrinkles can set in, which makes it harder to remove them. Hope this helps! :)

Great product with great quality

Thank you Lorenzo! :)
Nice fit

Nice shirt, comfortable easy to iron, good collar

Thank you Justin, great to hear that you are satisfied :)

I wish this shirt had a breast pocket for pens. I really wanted to gift this to my father for fathers day, but he only uses shirts with a breast pocket and button down collars. D:

Sorry Stoic, chest pockets is not something we have coming up in the near future, but keep an eye on our social medias for product news :)
Business shirt

Great shirt, which really is stain proof (I tried the black coffee test) and very easy to iron (I was expecting the worst) but I wish it had a top pocket.

Thank you Ravindar, great to hear that you are pleased :)
Perfect shirt, in every aspect

I’m very satisfied about this shirt.

Overall: quality, stain and odor repellent elements are perfect.

Thank you Peter, great to hear it :)
Goede kwaliteit en snelle levering

Fantastisch product en was heel snel binnen!

Dank je wel Bob! :)
Very impressive

two point: the white color becames somewhat less white throughout the days worn

It fits very small and is aguably too slim for some tastes preffering a more loose sillouette. I got xl and will get xxl next time.

The smell-control is amongst most impressive in the several performance shirts that I have tried.

Thank you for your feedback Anders! :) Great to see that you are impressed with the technology. We have now also developed our Oxford shirts in regular fit, as requested by our customers, so perhaps you can try the same size, but regular fit next time? :)
Does waht it says!

Does waht it says!

Thanks Thomas! :)

Wonderful shirt with good shape and feeling.
Many friends do not think it's a cotton shirt when I pour red wine on my sleeve and show it is completely resistant to liquid.
It's for sure the best shirt ever made and I will order more of them - would love more colors to choose from.

Thank you so much Björn! :) We have new colours coming soon, keep an eye on our social medias ;)
Clean Shirt

Exactly as descripted

Thank you Anton, enjoy wearing it :)
Small size

Small size compared to Ralph lauren, Eton, Boss etc.

Thank you for your feedback Mikael! Our shirts fit true to size, but indeed if somebody is in between two sizes, we do recommend taking the bigger one. I hope your shirt fits though :) Enjoy wearing!
Great basic shirt

The fabric is good and holds the promises, maybe not quite as "iron-free" as other brands. Classic, good looking cut.

Hi Klaus, thank you for your review! Glad you are happy with the shirt. Our shirts are indeed not non0-iron, it's something we are hoping to improve in the future. In our care guide and FAQ we have some tips on how to iron the shirt the easy way: it's best to iron immediately after wash, while wet, since the shirt dries really fast, so the wrinkles can set in, which makes it harder to remove them. Hope this helps!
Red/pink shirt

Brilliant fit, first bit of clothing l’ve bought that my wife approves of! It does get better.
Socks are bril too, a double wammee!

Thank you Michael, glad you are happy with your order :)

Well done Labfresh

Thank you Frits! :)
Nice shirt

Shirt fits well and feels good, but I was not too exited about the design aspects - it is not really white and the seam in the back is a bit weird.

Hi Pentti, thank you for your review. The shirt is indeed off-white, but we try to make that clear on the website. Regarding the stitching on the back: it's a design detail we chose consciously, but I guess it's not everyone's cup of tea :) I hope you will still enjoy wearing it!
Nice, modern shirt!

Nice, modern shirt!

Thank you Arjen for your positive review :)!

Need French cuffs to buy these!

Hi Mark, thank you for your review! Unfortunately, we are not going to make French cuffs on a short term. Maybe in the future, when we are a bit biggerf, we will. So please keep on following us! :)
Best socks ever

Finally socks that don’t suck :) apart from losing them, these are the socks you will weat forever. Well done guys, we need more designs!

Hi Thomas, thank you so much for your positive feedback! :)

Have 1 white / 1 blue and they are some of my favourite shirts, esp. as I travel a lot. Should have bought more for the special price.

Thanks a lot Michael, great to hear! Enjoy wearing :).

Do you have slimfit shirts for cufflinks in your pipeline?

Not at the moment, for now we're just focussing on making the best shirt ever. But it is something that we might be interested in in the future. :)
niet alle maten beschikbaar (L)

Ik wil een shirt bestellen maar de maat staat er niet tussen!! Maat L niet niet byzonder maar toch. Jullie contacten kan niet dus dan maar zo. Bestaat er nog een andere mogelijkheid met jullie te communiceren?
Shirts vind ik fantastisch

Hi Jos, bedankt voor je bericht! Je kunt ons eigenlijk altijd via onze website ('Contact us' of de chat, waar wij elke werkdag van 9 - 5 op online zijn) bereiken, daarnaast kun je ook altijd een mailtje sturen naar :) Wat betreft de maat L, er zijn op dit moment een aantal maten uitverkocht van het rode Oxford shirt. Helaas hebben wij de Oxford shirts in deze maat ook niet bijbesteld, vanwege te weinig interesse. Ik hoop dat je de andere kleuren ook mooi vindt. :)
Very good shirt

Soft and smooth textile.
It really is waterproof as they say.
Fits pretty well, but I recommend taking the bigger size if you are in between two sizes

Hi Donato, thank you very much for your positive review! And we do agree with you, if you are in between sizes, go for the bigger size :). Have a nice day!
Good shirt only drawback no shirt pocket

Well made comfortable shirt that indeed looks good after a day of travel. Nice material. For me the only drawback is that there is no pocket and this is a pain as I always carry my iPhone in my shirt pocket.

Hi Ian, thank you for your review. Happy to read that the shirt is convenient during your travellings :). Regarding your comment about the pockets, we are not planning to design shirts with pockets in the future unfortunately. We like to stick to our classic design, I'm sorry about that. Enjoy wearing!
Good material

The material from which the shirt is made is good and feels comfortable to wear. Other things are as advertised but the fit is not good. There is need to widen the chest area and make a regular fit. There are very few slim fit people these days.

Hi Charles, thank you so much for leaving us a review. Happy to read that you like the features of our shirt. Good news regarding the suggestion you made, the regular Oxford shirts are coming in this week. Just keep an eye on the webshop to know when you can order :). Have a nice day!
Game changer for people with social anxiety

I get social anxiety issues from time to time that would leave my shirt with embarrassing sweat stains. But even if I sweat a bit, it doesn't show through my labfresh shirt. This gives me a confidence boost and doesn't let the sweating get out of control. Five stars from me.

Wow, thank you so much for this! We are very happy to hear this, if there's only one person who feels more confident thanks to our shirts, our goal has been achieved. :)
great fit!

Just perfect :)

Thank you, Rik! :)
Just the best shirts!

I love Labfresh shirts, because i can wear them to bike to work and still do not stink. And wear them a few days in a row. Just great.

We're so happy to hear that you love our shirts, Bob! Thank you for your kind words. :)
The shirts work

Shirts really repel liquids. Wore mine to a cooking studio and 4 times after withouten washing. No stains no odors

Thanks Eric! We're happy to hear that you enjoy wearing our shirts, and of course that you survived the cooking studio stain-free. ;)
Truly stainless

As a party trick, we splashed red wine on my white dress shirt this weekend. Twice! Held it under the fosset for a second and the wine came right off. Spectacular and highly recommended for any party :)

Great to hear! You must've been THE man of the the party. ;)

Great shirt, sleeves are a bit short.

Hi Willie, thanks a lot for your review. About the sleeves, we are taking your feedback into account while designing the new batch! Enjoy wearing LABFRESH!
Perfect fit !

I already got one Labfresh shirt, but because I was satisfied I ordered another that also got a perfect fit.

Thanks, Sietze! We're very happy to hear that you love our shirts. :)
Great product

Great product which is easy to keap neat

Thank you Martin, that is lovely to hear. :)

Good shirt good fit

Thanks Dean!
Very nice shirt

This shirt looks very nice and is easy to care. The next time I would buy this shirt again. Also I hope there a more available collors in the futur.

Thanks, Mark! That's lovely to hear. We are actually doing new colours, so keep an eye on our newsletter for the latest update. ;)

The look and feel of this piece of perfectly fitting garment are truly Incroyable.

That's a beautiful compliment, Jan. Thank you very much!
fijn shirt

fijn shirt, net zoals de eerdere die ik gekocht heb via Labfresh. Echt een aanrader. Nu wachten op nieuwe shirts!

Wat fijn om te horen dat je zo blij met onze shirts bent, Robert. Bedankt! :)
Perfect match for me

Nice shirts, perfect fit!

Thank you! :)
Very pleased customer

The shirt is fitting me very well and the hydrofobic technology works just as good as expected. Although I would like some sort of suggestion or guide on how to clean the shirt when something spills on it. The current guide says not to touch stains with anything, but then what is the easiest way to remove the water, coffee, wine etc.

Hi Alexander, thanks for your feedback! We have information regarding the stains in our FAQ: - If you get a liquid stain on the shirt DO NOT touch it because you will end up rubbing it in. - Instead, put it under running water immediately to remove the stain drops from the surface. - If a stain does get into the fabric, just wash it at 40°C with some stain remover on the spot. I hope this helps? :)
Nice shirt

Nice shirt, shrinks a little bit after washing for the first time

Hi Floris, true! That's because our shirts are made of cotton. Hopefully your shirt still fits? :)
Very nice

The dress shirt fits and feels really good

Thanks Jim, we're very happy to hear that! :)

The sleeves are too short for me

Hi Pim, I'm sorry to hear that. As of yet, our sleeves are a bit longer than the average shirt, but not as long as for instance size 7 sleeve length. We are looking to make the sleeves longer in our new batch of shirts. :)
I like this shirt but...

Nice shirt... As a kind of warm sweaty person that bicycles to work I was looking forward to this so much. So far I use it two times before washing it and it seems to only pick up good smell such as deodorant and perfume!

Hi André, thanks for your lovely feedback! :)
Awesome product!

Perfect fit, colour looks super nice on my boyfriend! Love your brand and products

Thanks so much, Justine! We are happy to hear that your boyfriend is representing us well. ;)