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'Genius shirts'

'Stainless and Sustainable'

'Shirts like Elon Musk
would design them'

Apparel that keeps up with you.

One thing we learned from our customers is that there is a lot more to them than what meets the eye. Your job doesn’t define you. Talent shows in more than a career and we think that behind every successful man lies a whole lot of passion. Are you an adventurer? Poet? Marathon runner? Tech geek?


And we want to celebrate this as it is the essence of LABFRESH - apparels that keep up with men who rock at career and life - at the same time.

No stains. No odour. No wrinkles. 100% cotton.

All LABFRESH products are made with our exclusive FreshCore™ technology.

FreshCore™ is a unique treatment mix developed by LABFRESH that combines several performance enhancing technologies in one: hydrophobic, antibacterial and easy care. The combination of these 3 properties allow our products to be stain and odour repellent and stay fresh longer - something which has never been done before on a 100% premium cotton product.

On top of our FreshCore™ technology our t-shirts are also able to wick away moisture and and our newest business shirt are wrinkle-free.

We don't compromise on comfort: the shirts feel great and are breathable just like any other cotton garment.

Stain repellency.

All our products repel stains on the outside of the fabric. This means that they repel liquids and semi-liquids. Even serious spills like red wine or beetroot juice can easily be rinsed off with water.


All our shirts also have antibacterial properties, which means they kill odour-causing bacteria in your sweat. As a result, your shirt stays fresh for days. In fact, customers wear our products on average 3,5 times before washing it.

Moisture wicking.

Next to the performance enhancing FreshCore™ technology, the t-shirt is also able absorb and wick away moisture, spreading your sweat across a larger surface and towards the exterior of the cotton, making it easy to evaporate through the fabric. The 100% cotton fabric is also breathable and fast-drying.


The latest generation of our business shirts are also wrinkle-free, which means they make the perfect travel shirt that can be worn for days.

Men who can DO ANYTHING.

Noel Deelen.

Day-time restaurant owner, night-time artist. His number one priority? Staying fresh. Our shirts prevent him smelling like food after managing his restaurant and smelling of paint after making art at night. Our stain and odour repellent shirts keep him fresh all the time, no matter what part of his life. Therefore LABFRESH is his outfit of choice for every occassion.


Art collector and allround legend.